Restoran Ayam Kukus Syukran

I came across this eatery while looking for a parking space around the Section 13 shops area. I have been wondering on what is the specialty of this place. Step into the place I found that, nasi ayam (Chicken Rice) is their specials and they offering both steam and roasted version of chicken.

We decided to try the nasi ayam and select the roasted one. Myself browse to the menu and stated that the Wonton Noodles is one of the chef recommendation and I straight away give it a try.

Restoran Ayam Kukus Syukran

Wonton Noodles at Restoran Ayam Kukus Syukran

Since we having lunch quite late and really hungry already, no pictures of the nasi ayam being shot :D

Anyway, their nasi ayam can be said well done. They serve it together with a plate of bean sprout and good things about it, the chili is free flow and it taste really good.

While the wonton noodles is just so-so for may taste. The noodles is springy, the soy sauce it to sweet for my taste. It comes with wonton soup which I found that the wonton is overcooked and the filling itself isn’t so good. This must be kind of frozen type of wonton.

Other than that, this eatery offers wide range of Chinese style dish. Be it seafood, meat and chicken, all being offered with several kind of Chinese cooking style.

My next visit, I should try this and will post another review about it.

The setup of the eatery quite differs from any typical halal Chinese food places. I only notice it was a halal Chinese food eatery when I paid for the food at the cashier counter. It must be the owner, whom a Chinese Muslim, which greet us warmly and friendly manner. I give a thumbs up on their approach to customers.

Those who want to give a try can look for this address:
Restoran Ayam Kukus Syukran
Jalan Ragbi 13/30
Seksyen 13
Shah Alam, Selangor

and the FourSquare details here :Restoran Ayam Kukus Syukran

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