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restoran cina muslimFor those Muslim who loves to eat Chinese food, you can enjoy halal Chinese cuisene here at Restoren Cina Muslim located at Jalan Seri Taming 2, Cheras. If you not familiar with this place, it’s just nearby the Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Tun Hussien Onn / Alam Damai / Damai Perdana.

I’m quite regular visiting this restaurant and one of the best that they offer is selection of fried rice. Few fried rice to be named is Nasi Goreng Special, Nasi Goreng Lada Hitam and Nasi Goreng Hailam. They also served dim sum, chicken rice and wantan mee. Part of that, customer also can choose a fresh fish for the dishes from the aquarium but selection limited to siakap and red tilapia only.

For my visits this time, I’ve ordered Nasi Goreng Special, Butter Prawn and Wantan Mee Soup.

Nasi Goreng SpecialThe Nasi Goreng Special is a well mix of rice fried with dried chilli, long beans, squid, prawn and chunk of chicken meat. Its quite spicy and the aroma of the dried chilly enhance the taste of this fried rice. But its not hot enough to make you sweating while having it. For those who didn’t like spicy food can opted for Nasi Goreng Hailam which is more plain without the dried chilly.

Butter Prawn Next on the menu is Butter Prawn. Medium size prawn (about 8 – 10 numbers per serving), fried with strong taste of garlic, curry leaves and salted butter. Taste quite salty but really nice to have it with piping hot white rice. The prawn is very crisp and you don’t need to really peel of the shell as it is really crunchy.

Wantan Mee SoupI am not really a fan of noodles/mee. The wantan mee soup is on the plain side for me. Shredded chicken, wantan with fish paste inside, green vege and noodle is served in chicken broth which they also use to accompany the Chicken Rice.

Overall this restaurant is quite satisfying in term of menu selection and best thing is its quite cheap compared to more famous Halal Chinese restaurant. For this three dishes plus Kopi O and Cham Ice, it cost me RM31 only.

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